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Adolescent DBT Skills Groups

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) includes skills-based training in a group setting. In a DBT skills group, teens will learn and practice DBT tools to improve their ability to problem solve, cope with crisis, manage interpersonal conflicts, and set and achieve goals in various areas of their lives.


Start Learning New Skills!

For more information about the teen DBT Group, or to refer someone to this program please click below to fill out a short inquiry form:


Who is this group for?

Teenagers ages 13-18 who are dealing with depression, anxiety, and/or acting out behaviors, and who would like to feel better and be more in control of their emotions. In this group, teens learn and practice DBT skills that they can use to regulate emotions and behaviors, enhance mood, improve relationships and engage in effective problem solving and communication.

Common Challenges faced by group partipants

  • Intense moods

  • Difficulty expressing feelings in effective ways

  • Easily angered/irritated

  • Lengthy return to baseline/feeling ok again

  • Overly sensitive

  • Engaging in problematic behaviors


Group 1: Aug 31-Oct 19

Group 2: Oct. 26-Dec 21
(No group Nov 23)

Group 3: Jan 18-March 7

Group 4: March 28-May 16

In Person weekly each Thursday 4-5pm

Each group is 8 weeks long

Frequently Asked

Do I need an evaluation before starting the group?

Yes. To make sure the group is a good fit for you, the group leader will meet with you before you start the group.


When can new members join the group?

New members can join at the beginning of a new 8-week group.


Do I also need to be in individual therapy to join the group?

Yes. To participate in the group you would also need to be in individual therapy. DBT Skills groups are intended to complement the individual therapy participants are already receiving. Your individual therapist does not have to be one of our therapists, but we do offer individual therapy here if you do not already have a therapist.


Commitment: The curriculum is designed based on an 8-week commitment to complete all 4 modules– Mindfulness,  Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance, and Interpersonal Effectiveness. Participants are asked to commit to all 8 weeks, and may repeat an 8-week group as needed or desired.


What is the structure of the sessions?

DBT skill groups are not traditional “process” groups where people share feelings, thoughts, opinions and simply discuss them. Rather, a DBT Skills group is much more like a class on “emotional intelligence.” Certainly sharing can and does happen, and members can be supportive to one another as far as they are comfortable; however, the group is about learning DBT skills in a classroom style format.


Each meeting starts with a few minute mindfulness practice, followed by skills review, followed by learning a new skill. The groups are based on the curriculum designed by Marsha Linehan, the founder of DBT. Group members are provided a binder.


Does insurance cover the sessions?

Yes, we are in network with BCBS. Please confirm with your insurance about coverage for group therapy. Out of pocket cost is $29 for each class, a total of $232 for the 8-week group.

The curriculum is designed based on an eight-week commitment to complete all four modules

Participants are asked to commit to all eight weeks

Facilitated by Bobby Jo Salm, LISW, RPT




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