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Individual Therapy

Our agency is dedicated to individual therapy. We provide compassionate, personal attention to our clients and work passionately toward their well-being and success. Engaging in such intimate and powerful work brings us immeasurable joy.


Family Therapy

"Family therapy" involves counseling focused on family dynamics and interactions, with participation from all members preferred but not required. It has specific short-term goals and can improve communication skills, coping strategies, insight, problem identification, conflict resolution, and relationships. Therapists may use evidence-based approaches or blend elements from multiple methods.


Evidence-Based Practice

All therapists at Beacon of Hope practice an evidence-based approach to therapy. This means our treatment plans for you are significantly influenced by scientific theory and research. We will ask you to contribute to this process by inviting you to complete brief questionnaires that let us know how you feel about your life in general, your relationships with others, and your experience in therapy. We use this information to track your progress and use to guide you as we help you reach your goals. We look forward to finding out what therapy can help you accomplish.


Couple Therapy

Should you and your partner desire assistance with "communication issues" or require guidance with something more specific, we gladly welcome the opportunity to engage in couples therapy.


Our approach typically involves educating partners on techniques that, while they might initially feel unnatural, have been corroborated by researchers as enhancing relationship satisfaction. We strongly encourage anyone interested in improving the overall quality of their relationship to reach out to us and commence with couples therapy.  The Gottman Method is often used. 

Find more information about the Gottman method in our Gottman Method Section


Play Therapy

Play Therapy isn’t Just Play. 
Play Therapy is different from regular, everyday play. While spontaneous play is a natural and essential part of the developmental process, Play Therapy is a systematic and therapeutic approach.  Play Therapy incorporates many evidence-based practices and techniques and should only be utilized by specially trained mental health professionals.

While some Play Therapists do not possess a specialized Play Therapy credential, Registered Play TherapistTM (RPT) are those professionals who have met the stringent standards set by APT to become credentialed Play Therapist. Ask to see the Play Therapist's certificate that he or she meets the requirements and is in good standing with the Association for Play Therapy.

It is unethical and misleading for other professionals who work with children/adolescents and incorporate toys or play-based techniques into their work, but are not trained Play Therapists, to represent themselves as a "play therapist."


Learn more about the requirements for credentialing as a Play Therapist, or Find a Registered Play Therapist near you.

Find more information about Play Therapy in our Play Therapy section

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