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Bobby Jo Salm

Modalities Typically Used​

Play Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

Interpersonal Therapy

Psychodynamic Therapy

Gestalt Therapy

Compassion-Focused Therapy

Solution-Focused Therapy

Neurodiversity Affirming


Play Therapy 

Sand Tray Therapy

Psychodynamic Therapy



  • Individuals newly entering the workforce experiencing anxiety.

  • Individuals, both adults, and children, are afflicted with chronic medical conditions.

  • Underprivileged members of society with a history of addiction, abuse, and divorce spanning generations.

  • Family members designated as scapegoats within their familial dynamic.

About Bobby

Bobby is an experienced therapist specializing in therapy for children and adults. She holds degrees from Mount Mercy University and the University of Iowa. Bobby is a Licensed Independent Social Worker. Bobby is a Registered Play Therapist and Aut-Play therapist. Bobby is also certified in Sand Tray Therapy.


Bobby has worked in hospitals, non-profit sectors, and private practices and now runs her own practice in Coralville and Rural Wilton. In her practice, Bobby utilizes a range of therapeutic approaches, including Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Holistic Therapy. She customizes her approach to address the unique requirements of each client. For children, she employs Directive and Non-Directive play therapy techniques. 


Clients say they appreciate Bobby's empathetic, compassionate nature and innovative and imaginative mindset. Bobby incorporates expressive therapies like art and music therapy to help clients explore their emotions and experiences. Bobby values personal connections and strives to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Having faced limitations and emotional trauma, Bobby understands the challenges of confronting these issues and addressing the root cause. 

Working with children has inspired Bobby, as she has discovered their incredible insights and creativity within the therapeutic process. When working with adults, she emphasizes building a genuine connection with clients, understanding that this personal connection is critical to impactful therapy rather than relying solely on textbooks.

Matt Cohen 


  • Strengths-Based approaches

  • Couples Counseling 

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

  • Certified Mediator


  • Couples Counseling

  • EMDR

About Matt

Matt Cohen, Ph.D., is an LMSW (Licensed Master Social Worker, The University of Kansas 94). He works as a group facilitator and a licensed workplace mediator and counsels individuals and couples 18 years and older. Matt has many years of experience in mental health, including working in the Lawrence, Kansas Public School System, providing counseling to students.

He served as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation counselor at the Douglas County Citizen Committee on Alcoholism (DCCCA) and offered psychotherapy and case management to mental health patients at Trinity Lutheran Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. Matt has also given national seminars about working with difficult people in the workplace. He is a certified workplace mediator coach/educator and trains others in mediation.


He has traveled nationally and internationally to present and conduct workshops using movement, storytelling, and play as a technique to build community spontaneity and develop a sense of connectedness with others. Matt's colleagues would describe him as a kind, collaborative, driven, resourceful individual who maintains a humorous, positive, proactive attitude when faced with adversity. Matt is currently under supervision to receive his LISW with Celia Dunnington, LISW.


Melissa Remy

  • Adolescents with dual diagnosis substance abuse disorder and anxiety/depression

  • Adolescents dealing with self-harming behaviors

  • Young adults with depression and anxiety

  • Sexual Abuse survivors

  • Client centered approach
  • Solution focused treatment
  • Strength Based and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

About Melissa

Melissa Remy is a highly experienced and compassionate mental health professional based out of the Wilton office. With a remarkable career spanning nearly three decades, Melissa has dedicated herself to improving the lives of individuals and families facing various mental health challenges. Melissa's expertise lies in working with children, adolescents, and their families, where she has made a significant impact. Her deep understanding of the unique needs and developmental stages of young individuals allows her to create a safe and nurturing environment for them to express themselves and grow. Melissa's warm and empathetic approach helps her establish strong connections with her clients, enabling effective therapy and positive outcomes. In addition to her work with younger populations, Melissa has also provided support and guidance to adults dealing with mental illness. Her extensive experience in this area has allowed her to develop a comprehensive understanding of the complex nature of mental health issues and the various treatment approaches available.


Outside of her professional life, Melissa has a vibrant personality and a love for football. As an avid fan of both the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Dallas Cowboys, she finds joy and excitement in following the sport. Melissa is also a proud pet parent to two adorable dogs, Chloe and Cooper. She cherishes spending quality time with her furry companions and her beloved friends and family. Melissa's commitment to mental health, combined with her creativity, intelligence, and friendly demeanor, make her an invaluable asset to the Wilton office. Her dedication to helping others, coupled with her warm and approachable nature, creates a safe and trusting space for individuals seeking support on their mental health journey.


Lexys Vaillancourt

  • Internal family systems (IFS)

  • Neurodivergent-Affirming Therapy

  • Existential Therapy

  • Somatic Therapy

  • Art Therapy

  • Play Therapy

  • Trauma, PTSD

  • Couples & Non-monogamous partnerships
  • Families
  • Individuals
  • Neurodivergence

About Lexys

Lexys (they/she) is a temporary licensed marriage and family therapist who passionately serves individuals, couples, families, and children throughout the state of Iowa. Lexys’ experience spans across academic, community, and inpatient settings which strongly informs their collaborative and human-centered approach. As an autistic and gender-queer therapist, Lexys strives to help others come into their identity in a safe and authentic manner.

In practice, Lexys integrates the creative and empirical; while using evidence-based principles, Lexys uses a variety of tools to help clients embrace the here-and-now. Whether through talk, paint, or sand play, Lexys is committed to helping others heal from trauma, rebuild relationships, understand themselves, and achieve meaningful, lasting change. There are no questions too big or small when it comes to making meaning of one’s experience. Lexys believes everyone is capable of handling the difficult, the uncomfortable, and the unknown.

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